November 5, 2009

A couple of years ago, I lived with an English Teachers’ team in the small town of Puerto Bello. Every single day I was practically woken up at 5.30 a.m. by the strong, pleasant smell of coffee floating in the air. It was so strong and appealing, it woke me up better than an alarm clock.

Quite an experience ! I certainly learned how to enjoy a cup of coffee with my fellow teachers and
a lot of funny things happened to us at that house.

Besides being literally bathed with a permanent cloud of dust made by the buses that drove on our avenue, the very first week of our arrival somebody broke into our house. What could they possibly want ? All we had was old computers, an old micro-wave oven, old dishes, old silverwear, old tables and chairs…..
Somehow it did not kill our good spirits and we did have a great time teaching kids of couples that came from all over the world. That happens if you are born in a harbor, right?
We worked hard and responsibly, but our week-end started on Wednesday, mentally.
We would have a Bible study at 5.30 p.m. and would head for the Pizza Place around 7. Somehow Wednesday was a magical evening, and the next day, Thursday, we would have lots of fun activities for the students. Of course when Friday arrived we thanked God a million times.
Kim, one of our teachers was super athletic. If she was not teaching or preparing a lesson, she was either jogging, swimmning or at the gym. Joshua was our spiritual leader, he would teach us songs and give us simple, but very meaningful Bible lessons. He would have us give some input. There was a time where he asked us, “If you would be given the chance, by the Lord Himself, to ask Him, to perform a miracle for you, regarding any change you would like for Him to do in your body. What would it be?
I had never thought about it before, but I said, ” I’d ask Him to make me an inch taller.” Kim said, she would like a flatter chest, to do sports more easily.
A few weeks later, Kim had a breast surgery, after being checked by the school’s doctor. She had suddenly gotten a pain. It was nothing serious at all. Thank Heaven. She did get her flatter chest, though.
When my Mom saw me on the coming Holiday, she said to me, ” You are taller, you have grown.” i did feel a little taller, but I didn’t think it was real. I must add, that this happened when I was over 40.
We had an incredible Spirit centered friendship. When the school year was over, we all went to different destinations.
The aroma of Jesus woke up a desire of studying His Word more deeply, even better than the nice coffe smell in the monrnings.


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November 5, 2009

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